Belair House

Forget the Fresh Prince, Jazzy Jeff and Carlton.

Although this Belair House is set in just as grand a setting in south London’s Belair Park, and it’s reincarnation is set to liven up the village of Dulwich.


The Beautiful Belair House lit up at night.

Getting to know the guys here over the last 6 months has been nothing more than an honor, though don’t let us tell you, go find out for yourself.


By far some of the best cocktails in London can be enjoyed here

Belair House is a country villa built in Adam style and now a Grade II listed building that has had a chequered history. First built as a Farm house, then added to before falling into disrepair, used as a military store in the war, completely demolished except the staircase and then finally turned into a restaurant in 1996.

Hurry on down you don’t want to miss it

And now….? Good friends Alan Dugard and local resident Arron Curtis took the reigns at what was then Beauberry House and restored it. With extensive interior refurbishing, the house has now been restored to its Georgian heritage.

With Jazz Wednesdays, Killer Cocktails, weekend randomness on the terrace combined with NO neighbours this place is set t0 entertain your devilish needs well into the night.  They now have swing classes of a Tuesday evening too.


For sunset on the terrace and views over the park where else but Belair House.

Summer’s here and the World Cup is back so come on down and either enjoy the terrace, front lawn or catch a game (Come on Aussie!!! Yeah right!!) down at Belair and be sure to say hi.

You can find Cheese n Bickies regularly at Belair. This is not a paid for blog (we just love it there!!!)


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