Looking down on England – Scafell Pike

Having had to skip hiking up Mt Snowdon due to the weather, we were stoked to wake up to blue skies on Skafell Pike summit day! At 978 m (3,209 ft) it’s a little short of Snowdon’s 1,085 m (3,560 ft) but being the highest peak in England it would have to do. Setting off from Seathwaite camp site, you head up the valley through the farm along the popular Borrowdale route which is stunning.


Beginning of the hike up Scafell Pike
Beginning of the hike from Seathwaite Farm

We were lucky enough to have some cloud cover for most of the hike, which cleared to perfect sunny blue skies and scorching heat for the last hour. You wouldn’t want to do the whole hike in the sun as there’s no shade at all. We did the hike with the directions saved, GPS on the iPhone and a compass. We wouldn’t recommend not having directions or a map/compass as there really is no way finding signage, other than a hand painted up arrow on the rocks when you have to climb up a steep section.

Hiking up Scafell Pike
Hiking England’s highest peak, Scafell Pike

We spent most of the hike being followed by a guy with his teenage kids, map in hand, constantly wandering off the path and getting lost, then asking everybody else for directions so this hike is definitely not for idiots with no sense of direction and a desire to not follow a clear pathway!

Hike to Skafell Pike
Hiking England’s highest peak, Scafell Pike

The highlight of the day was coming across a couple sitting by a lake at the end of the hike being harassed by a single cow who wouldn’t leave not matter how hard they shooed it. Turns out they’d fed it half a sandwich and now it wanted the rest. After the guy decided to shoo it away with a slap on the back, they were quickly joined by the other five cows in the herd who were keen to get in on the sandwich action and surrounded them with no sign of moving.

Lesson learned: cows and sandwiches don’t mix.

Hiking up Scafell Pike
Lake District, England

Having reached the summit of the UK’s highest peak, we took a different (and awesome) route back, which involved some vertical climbing sections and awesome valley views. After 7 hours we arrived back at the farm just in time to get caught in the middle of a face-off with a herd of sheep being moved along the road. We celebrated a tough day with a couple of post hike drinks at the local Riverside Bar at the Scafell Hotel.

England - Hike to Skafell Pike
Matt cooling off after hiking England’s highest peak, Scafell Pike

Hiking up Scafell Pike
Running into some locals

Thanks for reading, you can check out our Flickr page here for more of our travel pics.

Tips for Scafell Pike

1. Camping at Seathwaite Farm cost GBP£10 per night. We were one of only two other sites pitched and got to camp beneath a small waterfall. Showers and toilets on site.
2. While Scafell Pike isn’t the highest mountain, there’s no marked signs and it can be difficult to see at times. Ensure you have good directions, a compass and a map. People have died on this mountain.

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