Neighbourhoods of Toronto

So continuing with Toronto, we did sweet FA today. Oh, we walked around Mount Pleasent Cemetery (because it’s a 5 min walk from the apartment), which is actually one of the nicest, most well manicured cemetery’s we’ve ever seen.  Seems that this is where the people living north of downtown take their exercise.


This morning started with a positive 40 min ride up to North York to check out a bike for Sarah. Over an hour (and some super posh mansion houses on Park Lane) later, we turned around and rode all the way back with nothing (ie the bike was garbage). To make up for Sarah’s disappointment, we made a detour on the way home past The Burgers Priest. Now we know having a secret menu on your website that asks you to answer some trick questions about the bible before you can see it is a bit wanky, but if you just Google ‘The Burger’s Priest secret menu’ you’ll be delivered straight to burger heart attack material heaven (excuse the pun). Given our love of cheese, it’s no surprise we opted for the Vatican City, a delicious double beef patty with cheese (on both) slapped between two grilled cheese. Yep, that’s a lot of queso (and a lot of calories!). So we opted to skip dessert, but for those with a sweet tooth you’d be hard pressed to pass up the Vatican on Ice…vanilla ice cream wedged between two grilled cheese…seriously, pass me the defibrillator.


And as it was just around the corner and also ‘on the way home’, we stopped in at the Granite brewery for a quick pint, enjoying a Ringberry (think a Raspberry taste with a crisp refreshing finish) and  a Darkside IPA (a strong brew with a super hoppy flavour).

One of the beautiful things about Toronto is the quantity of varying neighbourhoods. From taking in the rough Victorian houses of Cabbage Town to spinning around on the bikes to the gay vibe of The Village at Church and Wesley, wheeling through hippy infested Kensington Market before gorging on noodle soup from Rol San in China town (seriously huge servings of noodle soup for seriously cheap prices), then onto the chilled vibe and locals in Roncesvalles (to name but a few).  There is something for everyone here and with covering up to 40km on the bike a day we could afford the extra beer or two in the evening to take away the burn form legs and butts.

Toronto - Kensington Market


If you’re keen on galleries and Museums some of  Toronto’s have free evenings and ‘pay what you can’ times. We hit up the AGO  which has a plethora of contemporary art from Native Americans on their free Wednesday evening, though we arrived just too late for the hour of power free beer session! The tip is to go to the rear of the building on the 5th floor and scope out the view of the city skyline.  Having wandered the various exhibitions we decided that this gallery is worth paying for if you miss the free slot.  Riding back through the Annex area of town you pass some great old houses and we even saw our first proper Frat House! Yep, not just in the movies.


The other Museum we checked out was the Bata Shoe Museum ($5 each on Thursday evenings as opposed to $14). Matt was hoping for some mack daddy sneakers and such, instead he got the history of shoes.  Yeah yeah the Chinese had small feet, the African’s had sandals, blah blah blah. There are however some great displays on Native American footwear, as well as actual pairs of Marilyn Munroe, Elton John, Elvis and Judy Garlands shoes, and it was pleasing to note the Dalai Lama has similar taste in shoes to us, judging by the pair of rubber thongs (flip-flops/jandals) on display!  You can pretty much see this place within an hour and for full price admission we’d save the dosh and give it wide berth unless you can make it on a Thursday evening. Or you’re really interested in shoes.



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