Cars that go and cars that don’t – South Dakota (Part 2)

Following on from the last post about the car that didn’t go (Betty), let’s flip sides and change to ones that do.

With Betty back and firing on all but two cylinders, we weighed up the odds and made the decision to venture off the I-90 to take in the manipulated cliff top of Mount Rushmore. Striking, yet smaller than you’d think, we found many roadside pullouts from which to admire the four presidents and get some great shots without forking out the $10 parking fee (your National Parks pass is no good here, you still have to pay).

Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota.  USA.
Views from the roadside pull out will save you the mandatory $10 parking fee

We intended to cruise straight through small town Hill City, but were dragged in by our noses to check out the local town BBQ that was underway. Hoping to find giant piles of meat Matt was a little disappointed when we only found one option worth trying – rattlesnake bratwurst. Having never heard of this before (who has!) we absolutely had to give it a shot. And we gotta say, it was actually pretty damn tasty. What did it taste like, you ask? Well, a little bit like the other other white meat. If rattlesnake doesn’t shake your appetite, you could always try the elk, alligator, buffalo, wild boar or boring old beef options. But just remember, you only live once, you may never get the chance to eat a rattlesnake bratwurst ever again. Hell, you may never get the chance to eat rattlesnake ever again!

Sarah loves sausage!!  Hill City, South Dakota.  USA.
Sarah enjoying a Rattlesnake Bratwurst from the Chuck Wagon food truck in Hill City

Continuing on the back roads we went to cruise through the town of Deadwood, noted in our last blog as the setting for the 1953 film Calamity Jane. As a childhood fan of the film Sarah had always wanted to pass through here. Doris Day plays a wild gun-totting tomboy, singing the likes of;

The Windy City is mighty pretty
But they ain’t go what we got, I’m telling you boys,
I wouldn’t trade a half of Deadwood
For the whole of Illinois

If you’re an old school classic American car fan, you wouldn’t be trading Deadwood for anywhere else in the world at this time of year either. This place goes off. As we approached we were graced with the presence of an increasing number of classic American cars in the brightest, most spectacular condition. As the numbers increased, and Matt pulled over to take some pictures, he was quickly informed that the annual ‘Kool Deadwood Nites‘ classic car show was due to get underway tomorrow, with four days of classic cars, classic music and classic fun.

Classic not Plastic, Deadwood, South Dakota, USA.
Deadwood’s ‘Kool Deadwood Nites’ classic car show

The parade was scheduled to begin in Deadwood the next day. Lucky for us we arrived as most of the cars did, but missed the road being closed so could happily cruise through unabated, stopping only to take pics of the best of the best. We saw more classic than plastic in the likes of Chevys, Buicks, Fords and Corvettes, even an old school Stingray, in only a few hours. If we’d have stayed until the following day the entire window rattling, heart thumping entourage cruises trough town filling the air with the pungent odour of gasoline.

Classic not Plastic, Deadwood, South Dakota, USA.
Deadwood’s ‘Kool Deadwood Nites’ classic car show

Dragging ourselves away from the shiny toys we hit the tarmac past some gorgeous scenery of forests and lakes. From here it’s only a short drive into Wyoming and the next national monument (National Parks pass at the ready), and after a slight scare when Betty wouldn’t start and had to be rolled back to the curb, we finally got her into action crossing over into Wyoming’s open expanses.

Classic not Plastic, Deadwood, South Dakota, USA.
Deadwood’s ‘Kool Deadwood Nites’ classic car show


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