Pacific Groves and Lover’s Coves

Planning to spend a few days in Monterrey Bay, we changed our minds when we stopped at the first set of traffic lights in town and were approached by a sketchy looking dude who was obviously as high as a kite. Asking us to give him and his mate a lift down the road as their car had broken down, we looked around and couldn’t see a car in sight, so politely told them we were heading in the other direction. He then asked if we had any weed before getting crazy eyes on and asking desperately and forcefully whilst leaning right in the window if we had any speed.

Pacific Grove, Californian Coast.
Morning view from the van, Pacific Grove

Speeding away as soon as the light went green, we eventually lobbed up at the aptly named Lovers Cove in Pacific Grove, a tranquil little bay that protects from the brutish force of the Pacific, and a lovely place to swim and chill for the afternoon.  Driving along Ocean View Boulevard, past the golf course and onto Sunset Drive, we spotted loads of pull outs and free parking spots, some with several RV’s and campers pitched up for the evening. You can just drive along and take your pick, even bagging a spot overlooking the surfers at Asilomar Beach. Parking Porkchop on the headland overlooking Lover’s Point for the evening (again for free), we did the usual evening tirade of cook, blog and enjoy some beers down on the rock shores, as the sea crashed below our feet.

Lovers Cove. Pacific Grove, Californian Coast.
Beautiful Lover’s Cove, Pacific Grove, and our shaded parking spot for the night on the far side

Having to replenish our amber liquid supplies, we went in hunt of the nearest bottle shop, soon walking into Pacific Grove Liquor Store and being greeted by the bloke behind the till called Will.  Chilling out in the store having a few brews, for lack of a better location in the dark, the conversation turned towards our travel and upcoming wedding.  After a few more moments and a shot of Fireball each, Will decides to give us a liter bottle of it as a wedding present. Champion!!

Will, /the man at Pacific Grove Liqours.  California Coast.
Mucking around with Will from Pacific Grove Liquor Store, provider of a free bottle of Fireball for our upcoming Vegas wedding, legend!

Morning dawned with the rays of the sun piercing a lonely tree twisted by the battering of the coastal winds. Cooking up breaky whilst parked up on the side of the road, the friendly locals took the time to stop by and discuss various things, check out Porkchop and generally just wish us luck on our travels. Feeling relaxed and in the Pacific Grove groove, we decided to stick around for the day and stumbled across BookWorks coffee shop, where the friendly staff are happy for you to nurse your coffee for hours whilst catching up on the blog.

Pacific Grove, Californian Coast.
Pacific Grove, a smaller, more relaxed alternative to Monterrey Bay

Heading back to Lover’s Point for an afternoon swim, we couldn’t stop laughing whilst watching a little boy run for his life when a scuba diver in full dive gear began wading out of the water onto the beach. We both fell in love with Pacific Grove and vowed to return to her slow paced, hospitable shores. If you’re lucky enough to be here between Halloween and Valentines Day, you may even catch sight of the migratory Monarch Butterflies that take make this town their winter home.

Back on the road, we were entertained by a radio announcement that a stolen Seattle Seahawks garden gnome had been happily returned home, months after being stolen, along with a calender full of photos of his travels, including Las Vegas and San Francisco.


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