Viva Las Vegas

After a slightly restless nights sleep at a truck stop in Baker, we awoke early to tackle the final mountain hurdle between us and Vegas. Facing a 30km hill climb over a 4,000ft pass, tensions raised when we reached the top and dropped over to face another climb, this one taking us to the final pass at 4,730ft. Finally reaching the top after another 13km uphill, eyes nervously glued to the temperature gauge, we celebrated with a double high five that Matt’s roadside mechanics of yesterday had done the job to get us to Vegas in time to get hitched.

Wedding license approved!
One step closer with wedding license in hand

The lead up to the wedding was spent picking Sarah’s twin sister and some mates up from the airport, arranging a quick and cheap wedding license (seriously, 15 minutes and $60) and running around organising booze and food for the day. Two days before the wedding most of our guests had arrived in town so we headed off the strip for a cheap bite to eat at Tacos and Beer. This place was awesome. Not only did they happily rearrange tables for us when people kept on arriving (there was about 40 of us) but they also ran individual bills, delivered beers outside if somebody had gone for a cigarette, and kept it all under control when we started seat hopping, managing to deliver everybody’s bill at the end of the night without a single mistake. Unheard of. Not only that, there’s an ever rotating offering of craft beers, the food was amazing, and with a menu based on individual tacos, people could eat as much or as little as they wanted. We can’t recommend this place highly enough.

Walmart wedding rings, boom!
Walmart wedding rings, a bargain at under $80 for both

Another thing we managed to get sorted two days before the wedding was our rings. We hadn’t managed to find anything either of us liked enough to fork out money on, and had decided we’d just take a permanent marker pen and draw them on each other, topping it up as the night went on. Browsing Walmart for wedding reception necessities, Matt stumbled across a striking black tungsten ring that he took a liking to and funnily enough Sarah found a nice silver ring right next to it that was perfect, so a quick $80 later we spent the discount Sea Pete the mechanic had given us to spend on ourselves in Vegas on budget Walmart wedding rings.

With limited time before the wedding to arrange a hen/stag do, we finally relented and let our friends plan something for the day before the wedding (risky we know!!). As the old saying goes ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’, so we’ll suffice to say Matt spent a grand evening waltzing around town in a Hooters crop top and pink Hooters hot pants (there are photos but these are yet to surface!), while Sarah spent the afternoon lazing with the girls in a private cabana with private pool at the Cosmopolitan roof top day club.

The girls enjoying the private pool at Cosmopolitan day club for Sarah's hens do
The girls at Cosmopolitan day club, enjoying the private pool and cocktails (photo courtesy of the organiser of the day, the amazing Belinda Nichols!)

Day club at Cosmopolitan for Sarah's hens afternoon, complete with private plunge pool
Day club at Cosmopolitan Hotel

One this worth mentioning is before the girls headed to get their cocktail on, they took Sarah for an adrenaline rush at the Vegas Indoor Skydiving centre. What a rush! After a safety briefing we donned our kit including goggles, helmets and gloves and entered the wind tunnel together. The next hour or so was spent laughing, drooling (you can’t help it) and generally just having a blast as we all flew, tumbled and jumped around in the wind, some more gracefully than others with Sarah’s twin sister Emma walking away with the award for best bruises.

Sarah's hens do at Vegas Indoor Skydiving
Sarah at Vegas Indoor Skydiving for her hens do


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