It winds from Chicago to LA, More than 2,000 miles all the way

Making our way west from Williams just after sunrise, we cruised along the old Route 66 (to some classic American tunes, making our first stop at the Americana filled town of Seligman.

Seligman, Arizona.
Seligman, Route 66

From the section of the old route we visited, this place had the best Route 66 mural, with a couple of motorbikes half buried in the ground, and loads of little Route 66 memorabilia shops with other images and paraphernalia to get tourist snap happy about.

Seligman, Arizona.
Getting our kicks on Route 66!

The next stop on our Route 66 adventure was the Hackberry General Store, the “mother lode of mother road memorabilia”. This place has some great old Route 66 paraphernalia for sale, but it’s also not a bad place to just browse around the museum style interior.

 Hackberry General Store, Arizona.
Classic cars along Route 66

Originally a gas station and general store, allowing the local town of Hackberry to avoid what used to be a one day trip to nearby Kingman (a journey that now takes only 30 mins) gas is no longer sold but the vintage pumps remain. There’s a vintage style diner, picnic tables and more often than not jukebox classics drifting through the air. Out in the yard there’s some great old classic cars, including an awesome Mercury Commuter station wagon and a genuine Model T flatbed truck. If you’re here during the first week of May you might even get to see hundreds of vintage cars taking a break during the Route 66 Fun Run.

YES I AM.  Arizona
Matt sharing a coke with himself, Route 66

Our final stop was going to be Kingman, but driving through we didn’t see much worth stopping for, so we pulled a u-turn and headed back east along the much quicker interstate, happy that we’d experienced another part of the romantic Route 66.

Hackberry General Store, Arizona.
Hackberry General Store, Route 66

While we’re talking about roads, one thing we noticed about Arizona is that they’re the most dangerous drivers in the entire USA. They overtake at the stupidest times and for no reason at all. Several times we had to slow right down to let somebody in when they overtook us without enough room to pull back in before an oncoming truck.

Hackberry General Store, Arizona.
Hackberry General Store, Route 66

Taking the US 140 back past Williams, there isn’t a lot to see and the landscape becomes pretty mundane. We did pass a depressing site of what appeared to be a mountain completely mined down, but otherwise it was mostly flat grass. We called it a night as the sun was setting, pulling in to join the truck drivers at Meteor rest area. The place looks new and the bathrooms are clean, but unfortunately there was no drinking water running when we were there. There’s also several signs warning you that you’re in snake and scorpion territory, so you don’t want to go wandering too far off the tarmac in the dark. This rest stop is a long way from anywhere.

Mailboxes along Route 66


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