Lost bags in Lima

Our bags are not on the plane

Matt the ever realist remarks as we for the third time ask the Avianca Airline stewardess if we need to collect our bag at LA and recheck them (it’s pretty much standard that you need to everytime you fly through LAX).  ‘They be there.  The lady said they’re checked all the way through from Vancouver’. Responds optimistic Sarah.

An uneventful flight to San Salvador, a seven hour stop over we’re called up to the desk at the gate. ‘Hello we are going to upgrade you to business class’. ‘Oh thank you’ replies Sarah gratefully.  ‘Our bag are definitely not on that plane’.  Comes Matt.

Anyway we’re upgraded for the second time in 14 years of travelling forgetting how nice an experience it is, we’re even trusted with metal cutlery complimented with wine glasses, yes REAL glass.  The Steward is very attentive with barely letting our wine glasses become empty before their sharply refilled. ‘Bags aren’t gonna make it, he’s buttering us up’ comments Matt.

Upgrade thank you very much.
Do we belong here?

Proper cutlery and plates, oh how posh.
Oh how posh

Landing as night falls on Lima we patiently wait as the baggage carousel goes around and around and around with no sight of the backpacks.

’Mr. Lees’

comes from the desk adjacent to the belt.

‘That’s me’

replies Matt in a knowing tone.

‘Your bags are still in LA’

‘No way?!’

Back into Barranco and the Kaminu Hostel where we’d left our bags and reversed for the night suddenly refused us.  ‘We are having renovations done’ was the response.  Great, 8pm in the evening, it’s been 24 hours of travelling, missing bags and now no bed to lay in.  Luckily up the hill is the Barranco Backpackers who happily accommodate us.

Next morning the breakfast is served as were fast onto regaining our baggage plus compensating the situation with some free clothes and toiletries.  If anyone has dealt with Avianca over delayed baggage they will share our grief in knowing that they are a slow acting beast they will avoid responsibility by delaying the provision of the claims number.

Happy that we’d move to the Barranco Backpackers with the free breakfast and comfortable beds we leave to explore parts of the city not seen last time.

Old Town Lima

The bus system is super efficient and easy to navigate, simply ask a local where to get the bus that’s going in you direction, once there the call out the destinations from the bus, child’s play.  Heading into the Old Town there’s not a whole lot here to keep you occupied though the palm tree studded Plaza de Armas is a beautiful center piece surround by government builds and churches.  Around the corner Casa de Aliaga claims the title of the oldest house in Lima (much of the architecture in this area is reminiscent of that in Southern Spain).

Cathedral of Lima, Peru.
Plaza de Armas (Plaza Mayor)

Plaza Mayor.  Lima, Peru.
The beautiful balconies of Old Lima

A stroll through the pedestrianised streets you can choose to slip into Bar Maury (one of the claimants to inventing the Pisco Sour) or duck into one of the many restaurants, just mind the Gringo prices.  Moving along to the Church of San Francisco to check out the musky dark catacombs.  Even though photography isn’t allowed we cheekily reeled a few off.

Inside the church

Catherdral of Lima, Peru.

The catacombs

Finishing off on this it’s again back to our favourite bus company Cruz del Sur for the leg down to the desert oasis of Huacachina.

TIP: If you can manage to book your Cruz del Sur tickets online through the Spanish page you’ll make a considerable saving.  If your grasp on the language is not great you can open both an English and Spanish page and hey presto your done.

For more photos of Lima check out our Flickr page, NOW!


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