Warsaw By Day

Following a year and a half never staying in the same place longer than a week, we had six weeks to relax in an apartment our beloved friends were nice enough to lend us while they were in Argentina. So while we were sorting out our Belorussian and Russian visas we compiled some info on where we ate, cafes, shopping and outdoor stores around Warsaw.

For this episode we present to you our top picks for Warsaw By Day.

Independence day celebrations

Old Town
Warsaw old town

The Luna


Although we were on a budget and beer reigned over coffee we did manage to visit a few good cafes.

Filtry Coffee

Juliana Ursyna Niemcewicza 3

Located, funny enough, in the Filtry area this place has the best coffee in Warsaw. Many of Warsaw’s best baristas have at one time or another served up steaming cups of caffeine delights here. We were lucky enough to be staying right around the corner so we were able to enjoy the good service and friendly staff numerous times.

Hermitage Coffee

Plac Narutowicza
No website available

This was our first stop in Warsaw whilst we waited for the keys to the apartment. There’s good coffee to be had and the chef is amazing at sending out Italian style pizzas from the kitchen. You can also buy many Italian products including imported wines and beer.

Next door you’ll also find Akademicka Cafe which puts on a good coffee and breakfast at a decent price.

The Pizza at Heritage Cafe.
Tasty pizzas at Hermitage Coffee

Old Town
Warsaw old town

Roa's art Smolna.

Obroty Rzeczy (The Revolution of Things)

Tarczynska 3 a


Named after the first workings of poet Miron Białoszewski this cafe is located on a quiet street in the Ochota area. It has a chilled atmosphere thanks to the ‘grandma’s lounge’ interior and soothing soundtrack coming from the speakers. The staff are super friendly and you’ll find craft beer here along with nice cake and snacks.

Cafe Obroty Rzeczy in Ochota
Obroty Rzeczy

Cafe Obroty Rzeczy in Ochota
Obroty Rzeczy

Funky cafe/bar in Filty district, the interior has eclectic collection of old typewriters, chairs and tables
Obroty Rzeczy


Again due to our budget we didn’t get to too many restaurants and the ones we did were mainly cheap Soviet style canteens. For these you’re best to come armed with at least a few simple food translations which will benefit you greatly, especially if liver and tripe aren’t at the top of your favourite foods.

Bar Mleczny Familijny

Nowy Świat 39

Located on Warsaw’s main shopping street this place is very inexpensive. Order and pay at the cashier, hand your ticket to the kitchen and then hope you can remember how the name of your food sounds so it doesn’t sit on the bench going cold after they call it out several times. Like ours did.

Familijny Bar Mleczny.  The old Soviet style Milk bar with cheap food.
Bar Mleczny Familijny

Familijny Bar Mleczny.  The old Soviet style Milk bar with cheap food.
Stark interior but cheap homely food at Bar Mleczny Familijny

Traditional Polish from the Milk Bar.
Meat and two veg Polish style at Bar Mleczny Familijny

About town.
Warsaw street signs

Zabowski Milk Bar

Ząbkowska 2, Praga

Located on the east side of the Wisla River in the Praga district this is another typical Soviet style canteen that only deserves a visit if you’re in the area. This one has a menu in English though it misses out on a few translations.

Bar 13 

Marszałkowska 89

We stumbled upon this place while looking for a late lunch on the cheap near the Palace of Culture. Set in what feels like the foyer of an office building cheap lasagna and paninis were on the menu and while the wine was a little on the pricey side the setting was a step up. We can imagine this place draws quite the after work crowd. Take the lift downstairs to check out the plush toilets!

Bar 13 Marszałkowska 89
Bar 13

Lasagne and panini at Bar 13
Lasagne and panini at Bar 13

Zaścianek – Kuchnia za ścianą

Aleje Jerozolimskie (between Williama Lindleya and Tytusa Chałubińskieg0

This is again a soviet style canteen though it leans more towards vegetarian dishes.  You can see everything on offer making selection easy. Just pick want you want, they weight it and you pay, bingo!

Zascianek.  Cheap food buffet style.
The slightly upscale Soviet canteen Zaścianek

Zascianek.  Cheap food buffet style.
The slightly upscale Soviet canteen Zaścianek

Old Praga
Balconies of Praga

Nowy Świat – Uniwersytet, Metro Station.
Uniwersitet metro station

Self Catering

As we were staying in Warsaw for six weeks with an apartment we cooked at home quite often as we enjoy it, we know what we’re getting (handy when you can’t always read the menu) and it’s usually cheaper. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.


Złote Tarasy mall

This is the largest centrally located supermarket in town and has everything you need. An extensive deli counter has ready made meals, there’s loads of different fresh breads and a huge beer and vodka selection. Oh and plenty of pierogis on offer here.

The Corner Store


There’s one thing Warsaw does really well and that’s the good old fashioned corner store. They’re inexpensive and are located throughout the city and usual stock a variety of fresh produce too. The choice isn’t as varied and sometimes you have to take what you can get though they are convenient and on occasion cheaper than the big supermarket rivals. You should have no problem throwing together a cheap healthy meal from one of these.

Old Polish Cheese.
Polish cheese selection at the corner store

Sarah's Birthday Dinner.
Embellishing some stock standard supermarket pierogis

Don’t leave without trying…


Considered the national dish these bad boys are a great snack whilst drinking, a hangover cure and just plain tasty. They come either savoury or sweet, fried or boiled.  Cheap and easy to cook we overdosed a few times. Try the mushroom with some sour cream, mmm.


Sarah will disagree but Matt ate these morning noon and night, usually in an oil and herb concoction. You can decide for yourself.


Too many varieties to name so do what we did and just point at the juiciest ones on offer.  Again great for breakfast, lunch and beer.


Forget Żywiec, Warka and Lech. Poland’s flourishing craft beer scene is the go in Warsaw. Though if you’re at Pijalna Wodki i Piwa €1 Warka is impossible to say no to.


Impossible to avoid you’re going to try it no matter how much you resist. Made from potatoes or grains there are certain ones that added ethanol and other impurities so get the low down from the locals on which ones they like. For us our favourite is the mint flavour from Żołądkowa Gorzka who also do a good herb version and a fig one that’s a little too sweet. Soplica is great, we had it several times in our Gluhwein at the Christmas Markets. Hazelnut is the best. Then of course there’s the world famous Żubrówka which we love straight from the freezer and neat.

TIP: Store your vodka in the freezer. They taste a million times better and slide down with ease!

Matt favourite White IPA and beer in Poland.  Piw Paw
One of the best craft beers in Poland

Polish sausage in the supermarket
Polish sausage selection

Pierogi Heaven, Old Town
Pierogi restaurant in Old Town

Shopping in Warsaw

There are a couple of malls in the centre, namely Zlote Tarasy and Galeria Centrum, which have your typical stores such as H&M, shoe shops and the like. Zlote Tarasy is worth a visit just to check out the amazing glass ‘Skylight’ ceiling. Also in every city underpass, metro or railway station you’ll find a multitude of cheap shops for food, clothes and even a bar or too.

Sklep Podróżnika

Grójecka 46/50

The best place in town for all your travelling needs. Our friends are outdoor enthusiasts and this place ticks all the boxes when it comes to techie outdoor gear, clothing, camping equipment, you name it they’ve probably got it.

Bachleda Sport

Filtrowa 68

You won’t find name brands here though the prices are cheap and most likely the quality. They also have ski and snowboard equipment rental and service.

Złote Tarasy Shopping Center.
Zlote Tarasy shopping mall at the Central Station


aleja Niepodległości 227/233/4

These guys only stock Mammut products though they are super helpful and the prices are good by European standards. Sarah managed to get a great deal on a new pair of hiking shoes and was even told she could wear them around the house for a few days and bring them back if she wasn’t happy.

Jack Wolfskin

Zlote Tarasy mall

Located in the Zlote Tarasy mall this German company has great quality gear and Matt picked up one of their backpacks and water bladder for a reasonable price. They also make a great camera bag though we had already had the inner compartments which fit perfectly into the backpack we purchased.

Jelcz trucks.


Part of a great massive mural

Camera Shop

CSI Foto i Video

Żytnia 15

Whilst in Warsaw we needed to have our Canon 28 – 300mm lens fixed as Matt slipped on the ice one day jamming the sliding zoom mechanism. These guys are Canon repair and sales specialists and come highly recommended. We also purchased a couple of reasonably priced filters and on our last day in Warsaw our tripod broke. Turns out they stock a high quality Polish brand of tripods, one of which we ended up buying.

Stay tuned for our follow up blogs Warsaw by Night and Warsaw the Sights for more tips on how to spend your time here.

Click on any of the images above to check out our Flickr page for more pics of Poland.


* Special thanks go out to our amazing friends Ola and Robert for putting us up and giving us the chance to explore their wonderful home city!

Ola and Robert, our amazing Warsaw hosts!
Ola and Robert




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