Warsaw By Night

With six weeks up our sleeve in Warsaw we had plenty of days and nights to fill. Our previous blog we gave some of our tops picks for how to spend your days in Warsaw.

For this episode we present to you our top ten picks for Warsaw By Night.

 Palace of Culture by night
Palace of Culture

The Neon Museum
Neon Museum

The Christmas Markets
Christmas Markets and ice rink in the Old Town Marketplace

Being here over the Christmas period was a massive bonus as the streets were filled with lights, people were festive and the gluwein flowed in the streets. But first off – craft beer.

Piw Paw

Piw Paw Parkingowa, Zurawia 32/34

Pronounced Piv Pauv, this craft beer joint appears to have been decorated by someone with a serious drinking problem and most likely the mother of all beer bellies. The bottle top studded walls give this place a grungy feel and with 35+ taps and 100 different bottles you’ve arrived at Warsaw’s beer nirvana. Plenty of seating and a couple of window couches are of offer in this favourite drinking den of locals and tourists alike. Matt’s favourite was the Nigami White IPA from the bottle while Sarah enjoyed her first Pumpkin Ale on tap since the US. There’s three locations across Warsaw including one that’s open 24 hours and another with a secret wardrobe cocktail basement. We only visited the Parkingowa location, look for the brightly painted multi level car park, you can’t miss it.

 Piw Paw.  Craft beer delight.
Piw Paw Parkingowa

Piw Paw Craft Brew House
Piw Paw Parkingowa

Piw Paw.  Craft beer delight.
Piw Paw Parkingowa


Ul. Nowogrodzka 12

With the ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ reference left at the door this place has a good 20 beer selection on tap and many more in the bottle. The staff are up for a chat as are the clients. Larger than Piw Paw it has more of an upmarket Manhattan warehouse feel with plenty of exposed brick walls. There’s also a whisky bar a few doors down run by the same guys.

Jabeerwocky Multitap Bar

Jabeerwocky Multitap Bar

Jabeerwocky Multitap Bar

Kufle i Kapsle


Translated as ‘Mugs and Caps’ this craft beer bar is located on the same road as Jabeerwocky and is in much the same style, though the low lighting and mismatched couches in the rear room might have you thinking otherwise. On offer is a 12 tap selection of rotating beer plus 150 bottles.

ul. Nowy Świat 6/12

By now you can tell we are craft beer fans so we couldn’t pass up a visit to this bar. Housed in the former communist parties HQ building it’s a three story glass box with the list and prices written on said glass.  Friendly bar staff are there to assist you choose from the 16 taps and guest beers and in the summer months the action spills out into the adjacent courtyard area.  There’s a basement area it’s too busy up top.

Cuda na Kiju
Cuda Na Kiju

Old Town Christmas Markets.
Ice rink at the Old Town Marketplace

Old Town Christmas Markets.
Old Town Marketplace

Pijalna Wodki i Piwa

Nowy Swiat 19a 

Located in a courtyard just off Nowy Swiat this one’s for everyone. Come in and join the mixed crowd for an early evening drink whilst lining the stomach with oily herring, mashed potato with cottage cheese or go hard and try to beef tartare (raw minced meat) with a raw egg garnish. As the name suggests there’s only two types of alcohol and that’s vodka and beer, though the vodka does come in 10 different flavours. With its 24/7 opening hours and the equivalent of €1 a beer or shot it may well go on into the night or the next day! There’s even shitty toilets to match the cheap booze.

1 Euro beer and vodka shots
€1 vodkas and beers at Pijalna Wodki i Piwa

Vodka and beer, cheap as shit.
Pijalna Wodki i Piwa

Herring in oil and beef tartare...raw beef with raw egg yolk on top...to wash down your 1 Euro vodka
Herring in oil and beef tartare at Pijalna Wodki i Piwa

Legend’s Bar & Restaurant

Ul. Emilii Plater 25

Run by an expat Englishman this is the place for sports lovers. With the usual beers that you’d find on tap in an English boozer, it’s the big screen TV’s that people come here for.  Just be sure to book a seat well in advance if there’s a big football match on and expect a 9/1 ratio in favour of the boys.

The Old Town Christmas Markets

Old Town Marketplace

If you’re smart enough to have combined your holiday and Christmas together in Warsaw then gluhwein in the Old Town is a must. Stand at one of the many covered tables surrounded by festive lights and watch beginners fall and experts show off on the ice rink. Whilst the stalls along the Old Town’s walls don’t serve their gluhwein with the optional vodka those in the Marketplace do. For those who need that extra warming glow we’d recommend the cherry or hazelnut as the perfect accompaniment and with temperatures falling below -5 you might just need it to stand outside and enjoy it.

The Christmas Markets
Gluhwein stand in Old Town Marketplace

Old Town Christmas Markets.
Old Town Marketplace

The Christmas Markets
Old Town Marketplace

Plan B

aleja Wyzwolenia 18

A treasured favourite in the Warsaw nightlife scene for years Pan B still has that mix of hipsters, youngster, beautiful people and us. Having previously visited this place six years ago with some local friends, this time we didn’t warm to it as much as everyone kind of kept to themselves. That was until everyone got drunk and started dancing. And that’s when the fun began. You can get all sorts of drinks here at reasonable prices and they have even started pouring a craft IPA, which was really good. Expect it to be a late night.

Palace of Culture and Warsaw skyline at night
Night falling over Warsaw’s Palace of Culture

Christmas in Warsaw

The Christmas Markets
Ice rink in the Old Town Marketplace

The ‘Secret Bar’

We’re not going to give away the location nor the name of this ‘secret bar’. Like us you’ll have to find a local in the know, in our case an old colleague/friend and long time Warsaw local girl Kasia. Walking down a side street with no action going on we round the corner to find a solitary red rope and a dark doorway. A bouncer (security) man in a black suit and white shirt opens the door and ushers us in. What follows is a little confusion on our side, some smug smiles from the girl behind the desk, a stamp on our hands and a wow factor entry that leaves us all stoked. Except the guys, who for a minute thought maybe we were at the strippers. While there’s a lack of lap dancers we’re greeted by smartly dressed cocktail waiters concocting some original beverages with names like ‘Brixton Riot’ and ‘Warsaw Garden’. We loved this bar.

Inside the secret cocktail bar called film club.
Inside the ‘Secret Bar’

A Brixton Riot.
‘Brixton Riot’ cocktail

Old Town Christmas Markets.
Old Town Marketplace

Chillout Factory

A swanky looking interior gives way to some potent cocktails at the Chillout Bar. On the pedestrian street of Chmielna it’s got a couple of tables outside for summer.  We only went here because we passed it with friend and we wanted cocktails.

The courtyard area off Novy Swiat (number 19) has a mixture of cheap bars that spill outside in the summer, and in winter for that matter. You’ll find something here to your liking.

Cocktails with Cottsy & Ness
Cocktails at Chillout Factory

Pomegrante Cocktails at the Chillout Factory.
The super thick pomegranate cocktail at Chillout Factory

Check out our previous blog Warsaw by Day for cafes, shopping and cheap eats and stay tuned for our follow up blog Warsaw the Sights.

Click on any of the images above to check out more Poland pics on our Flickr page.

* Special thanks go out to our amazing friends Ola and Robert for putting us up and giving us the chance to explore their wonderful home city!

Ola and Robert, our amazing Warsaw hosts!
Ola and Robert


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