Lifestyles of a Vagabond Cheese and Bickies


Armed with a digital camera, Go Pro and a tablet Cheese and Bickies are going to attempt to entertain YOU.

After doing a second stint in London for 4 years it’s time to break the corporate shackles and fly free on the back of a Luckdragon over the hills and far away to Middle Earth.

A chance encounter in an east Melbourne nightclub in 1999 led to Matt (aka Cheese) and Sarah (aka Biscuits/Bickies) joining forces to travel the globe. A big yellow 4WD van saw them explore the south eastern forests and beaches of Australia, from Ceduna in SA to Byron Bay in NSW, for several years before looking to further horizons. Following some friends, they made their first overseas trip to Canada in 2003 to spend the winter snowboarding at Big White resort in BC, and the summer swimming in the rivers and lakes, chasing elk and bears in Banff, AB. Taking a month off to explore Mexico before returning to Australia, it wasn’t long before they were planning their next adventure and the draw of far off places was firmly set on their agenda.

Sarah packed her bags bound for SE Asia on Boxing Day 2005, with Matt heading off three months later. Meeting up in Bangkok it was off to trek the highest mountains in the world in the Nepalese Himalayas. Some soul searching in India followed, before it was time for a few months exploring Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt and all the exotic spicy offerings of the Middle East. A short stop in Tunisia before catching up with old friends from Canada in the Netherlands, it was finally time in September 2006 to snap back to reality and get a job. Enter London UK!

After over three years working away and travelling all over western Europe, the itch that can only be scratched with a passport in hand returned, along with the 2008 credit crisis, so in 2009 they packed their bags again, bought a campervan and headed yonder. Covering 26 countries in four months, from Italy to Greece, through the Balkans to the Baltics, they sadly parted with the van back in London then boarded a flight back to good old British Colombia, Canada, the place of winter sports dreams.

Finishing the winter season at Sun Peaks resort, it was off to Vancouver Island and the magical town of Tofino, where Sarah spent the summer and Matt spent two weeks watching it rain. At least this was good preparation for his return to London! Six months later Sarah joined him, and they spent another four years working in construction (Matt commercial, Sarah corporate) and travelling some far off places that didn’t make the list last time (Iceland, Ukraine and Israel being some of the highlights).

Once again that four year itch returned, which brings us to the latest adventure and the topic of this blog. Buying a 1980 Dodge campervan in Toronto Canada to start the trip, Matt and Sarah are taking the long way home from the UK back home to Australia, via a little wedding in Las Vegas, after being away for almost 10 years.

” And it’s very far away
But it’s growing day by day
And it’s all right, baby, it’s all right.”


Peace and Love

Matt & Sarah


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